Aiming a good attendance and quality of services, Colorine has a team of highly qualified professionals, prepared to answer any questions and attend to the needs of every customer that requires assistance.

Technical design

Colorine has a professional technician prepared to build projects and conceive exclusive models, which are also adapted to the needs of each client.


According to its philosophy, Colorine only uses high quality raw material, namely noble woods such as oak, which have a high natural durability, general good appearance and agreeable smell, that allied to the state of the art technology assure the excellence of its ‘ products manufacture.


In varnish or lacquer. It depends on each customer’s taste. The wood accepts any finishing. Varnish, because of its transparency, allows the preservation of wood’s natural appearance. It’s a high durability material, it repels water and it includes wood-preserving components, being presented in several colours besides transparent. When the choice is lacquer, Colorine offers the highest quality. Let yourself be tempted by the diversity of colour and personalize your projects.

Home delivery and assembly

Colorine offers a service of permanent follow up, assuring home delivery of all its products and having an assembly team to do it for you!


Due to the quality of manufacture and finishing, all the products commercialized by Colorine have a five year guarantee.